I have a host family! They have a cat!

Finally got an email from the college today introducing me to my host family: Larisa Borisovna, Alexander Pavlovich, and their cat, Demi. They seem very sweet– she’s retired and he teaches neuropsychology. They have two adult children who no longer live with them, so unfortunately I won’t be able to practice speaking with children who are the same level as me, language-wise. Their apartment is on Vasilyevsky Island, so I will be crossing the Neva river every day to get to class (and should probably examine the bridge schedule more closely– I don’t want to get stuck on the wrong side of the river at night.) At any rate, I’m looking forward to meeting them in just over a week.


2 thoughts on “I have a host family! They have a cat!

  1. Sounds great, Meg! Looking forward to meeting them. Pardon my ignorance — but what is the bridge schedule and why do you need to worry about it?

    • So the different parts of the city that are separated by the Neva are connected to one another by drawbridges. When the Neva is not frozen, the drawbridges are raised every night, effectively cutting off one part of the city from another. There’s a schedule that tells you at what time the bridges will be raised and lowered, although it looks like I won’t have to start worrying about it until April.

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