A brief London interlude

Made it to London! Two men behind me in line for the plane in Boston were speaking Russian to one another, but most of what they were saying was unintelligible to me. This does not bode well.

In other news, I get to spend some quality time in Heathrow. It’s amazing how crowded it is here, even at 5 am. I’m enjoying guessing where the other travelers I see are going. The way people are dressed also gives you a good idea of the range of climates in the world. I was in the elevator (in my parka, scarf, and snow boots) next to a man in shorts and sandals. I kind of want to go wherever he’s going.  just have to keep reminding myself “Meg, you chose to visit Russia in the winter.” For good reasons, I’m sure, though at the moment none of them come to mind 🙂

I’m also on the hunt for a bumper sticker or other large sticker-type object to cover the sticker on my laptop that says “I don’t mind straight people as long as they act gay in public.” (Because in high school I thought advertising this sort of thing on my laptop was a great idea.) I don’t anticipate bringing my computer out and about with me, but I should probably cover it up just to be on the safe side. Man, of all the times to forget duct tape.

Three and a half hours, and then I will be on the last leg of my trip. I hope I will be awake enough to greet my host family in passable Russian before this sleep debt catches up to me and I pass out.

Next post will be from Russia!! AHHH!!


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