Weather’s here, wish you were beautiful.

In case you were wondering: it’s pretty darn cold.

Since my internet situation has been iffy for the past few days, I haven’t been checking the weather before I leave for school each morning. But I remember when I was back in Massachusetts and checking the weather in St. Petersburg, it was about the same: 20’s and 30’s, maybe down into the teens some days. So when I heard someone at school say “negative six” yesterday, I assumed they meant Celsius (a balmy 21 degrees Fahrenheit.) But, no. They did not. The high today was 3 degrees F, and on my walk home it was one degree. Why even bother, weather? (I know people from the Midwest are laughing at me right now

Fortunately, I have lots of warm clothes and am staying bundled up. Also, it has remained sunny for the past few days, although the sun doesn’t ever get very high in the sky. There is more daylight than I thought there would be, though. It gets light around 10, which means I get a lovely view of the sunrise over the city when I get on the marshrutka (unofficial bus) to school at 10:15. And it gets dark around 6:30, so I usually also get a view of the sunset when I’m walking home from the metro.

Here is the view from my window at 9:30 am on Tuesday:

Russia 008


And here is the sunrise reflected across the river by my school maybe an hour later:

Russia 011


So I guess you could say there are some perks 🙂 When else am I going to get to see so many beautiful sunrises?


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