Лента: Russian Walmart

Today, after our group excursion to the Museum of Micro-miniatures (where I strained my eyes looking through a microscope at the smallest Russian nesting doll in the world, about as wide as a strand of hair) I decided to check out the fabled Лента (“Lenta,”) which the other American students here described as “the Russian Walmart.” They weren’t wrong. 

It was like a Walmart in that you could find most anything there: books, clothing, home goods, ice skates, etc. I finally found duct tape, so I can now take my computer out in public. But it was the frozen food section that caught and held my attention. Just imagine: bins of frozen vegetables that you can scoop out into a plastic bag and buy like fresh vegetables. My mind was blown. I mean, I’m sure this wouldn’t go over too well in the US, but it was amazing to me. Imagine, going into the store and getting just as much frozen broccoli as you needed, and not having that random half-bag of broccoli sitting in the freezer forever, unloved and uneaten. You could also get a selection of mixed vegetables, what looked like some sort of berries, and also pel’meni, all in the same fashion. 

I, of course, do not have a need for bulk frozen vegetables at this time, so I contented myself with a new flavor of chips: нежный лосось с сливочном соусе (“delicate salmon with cream sauce.”) I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed: they didn’t really taste like salmon at all, delicate or not. I did enjoy the packaging, though: Image


Fortunately, Лента is maybe a 15-minute walk from my house, so I’m sure I will have more supermarket adventures to recount as the semester progresses. 


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