Little darling, it’s all right

So I was Skyping with my parents on Monday morning and I remember complaining to them that I didn’t think I’d seen the sun at all in February. Well, someone must have overheard me, because we just had five straight days of sun to send February out with a bang! It was so nice that I decided to walk home from school on Wednesday, rather than taking the bus. It took me an hour and a half, but I was just to happy to have the sun on my face. Image
The ice on the Neva is almost completely melted in some places now.


This little guy was enjoying the sun.


I probably haven’t mentioned that a lot of the buildings in the center of town are really beautifully colored. I’d never noticed that across the bridge from school there’s a rainbow!


The sun even made one of the grimier parts of my walk home quite pretty.


I pass this whenever I walk home from the metro, and finally took a picture of it. It’s a good reminder, I think.


The rogue milk salesman had relocated from the corner by the supermarket to a more high-traffic area by the metro station. (Actually, I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of these guys all over the city.) I’m tempted to buy milk from one of them sometime, but (a) it’s a little bit sketchy and (b) really, what would I do with two liters of milk? I really don’t need that much milk.

Of course it was cloudy and cold again today. I worry that this week of nice weather has given my a false sense of hope that spring is coming soon. We’ll see.


One thought on “Little darling, it’s all right

  1. Meg,

    Great to see your expressions. Oddly enough I fell upon the famous Beckett quote a few days earlier than you original posting. ” Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” It seems a current tennis star, winner of the 2014 Australian open had it tattooed to his forearm.



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